Eat and Drink Right To Improve Your Golf

Eat and Drink Right To Improve Your Golf

Millions of golfers love to tee off like a pro on expansive golf courses in the United States. They look forward to some of the top golf courses in Texas where they can stay, play, eat and relax. If you are one of them and want to stay ahead of other players, you need to eat and drink the right kind of food before and during an exciting round of

College Basketball Prediction

Well, school is back in session, and you know what that means: college basketball. And while it can be difficult to predict which teams we will see winning late in the season, The Machine Picks is here to give you our best college basketball predictions. In the summer months, there were a few upsets that required our experts to re-jigger their rankings. Virginia, Iowa State, and Indiana have made some

Why The Casual Golfers In Tampa Need To Push Aside The Usga Rulebook

Florida has the highest number of golf courses in the country, and as one of its fastest growing cities, Tampa is home to a breathtaking golf infrastructure. Are you planning a weekend getaway with your colleagues in one of the luxurious golf courses in Tampa?  Chances are, you are a casual golfer who just heads out to the turf to relax and socialize. Now the question is, should you follow

2016 Toyota Prius Review Roundup: World’s Hottest Hybrid Car

The Toyota Prius hybrid was for the family man, the perfect car. Light on fuel yet jam packed with features. It had the durability and Quality that Toyota is known for. Buying a new Prius, you can forget about expensive maintenance and workshop trips for a long long time. It was the perfect combination for Pakistan. People were shocked to see a car deliver such excellent fuel economy (always north

Top Hoverboards Available In The Market

Hoverboards today is a new thing that is attracting most of the internet users. Why I am saying internet users here is because hoverboards are advertised over internet as of now. If you are looking to buy a gift for your kid then a hoverboard is the best option. There are many companies today who are making hoverboards and some are there who are just rebranding the Chinese material. There are many countries who

How Yoga Benefits High-Endurance Athletes

Even if you’re into high-endurance sports such as basketball, cycling or running, you can still benefit from the meditative and holistic properties of yoga. This centuries-old discipline focuses on a connection between the mind and body to help strengthen both. Originating in India, yoga has roots that can be traced to the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, but only became popular in the Western world in the 1980s. Although there

Why A Bike Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

Every year, just like clockwork, as soon as Thanksgiving day ends the new season begins! No, I’m not talking about Christmas time, rather I am talking about the shopping season. After all, the shopping season kicks off on Black Friday and goes strong all the way through Christmas Eve. I should know, I’ve been one of those people that waits all the way until the last possible minute shopping for

5 Tips To Plan A Golf Destination Wedding In Florida

Destination and theme weddings are enjoying popularity for quite a few years now, and they are here to stay. If you love golf and are soon to tie the knot, why not do it in an upscale golf resort? It would not only be interesting, but will also reflect a bit of your personality. Look for a spot that boasts of a stunning coastline and beautiful white-sand beaches. The Atlantic

How A Fitness Trainer Can Bring A Healthy Living For You?

There is no doubt that we live in a very technology driven world and more often than not that can be linked to laziness. We have all seen kids sitting in front of the Xbox rather than playing football down the park but with some motivation technology can actually play a huge part in our fitness and health. The first step into becoming fitter and healthier as a person all

Packing Tips For A True-blue Texan Golf Vacation

When it comes to vacationing near Texas City, golf course-visits fare prominently in a sports enthusiast’s itinerary.  After completing booking formalities in your chosen golf resort, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of what to pack. Believe us, a hasty and slapdash packing can actually hamper your performance on the course. Even the veterans sometimes forget the obvious stuff such as golf clubs, caps, gloves, pullovers, and shorts,